Volunteering is necessary in any project as personal costs taxed too much the structures of a small organization like ours.
Our purpose and volunteer has to be, above all, to improve the quality of life of the people who inhabit our areas of operation.

What is the profile of the volunteer?


  • In the field (Senegal)

Volunteers are needed in the health sector as nurses and doctors to work together with our staff and engineers, veterinarians, agronomists, farmers, ranchers, etc. they teach to take full advantage of there sources available so that in the not too distant future may come to fend for themselves (minimum stay is one month)
We also need volunteers who can give them kind of reinforcement, to middle and high school students,  English, Spanish, mathematics, physics and chemistry, and / or computer, (minimum three months and not available in summer) ..
It is essential to speak French

  • In our headquarters in Barcelona and also, online

We need volunteers. Computer technicians, techies, auditors, etc. They make our job easier.
Want to know what we are looking for real? IMPLICATION

Well ... to tell us you want help, you have enthusiasm and initiative. Come and tell us your ideas and what you think you can do to help in our projects. CONTACT US NOW!


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