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We would like to tell you a story that started in Senegal in 2002 when we heard about the work that is being carried out by the missionaries of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception in this African country.


The story is quite simple: in the Foundation "For a Smile in Africa" (Por una sonrisa en África) we decided to collaborate with them and to carry out our own projects as well. These are small – but for that reason not at all less necessary – projects. Projects that are feasible and sustainable through time, such as drilling a well that will water a garden that will feed a family. Building a school where there is none in a 15 km diameter area. Building a "Centre for the Promotion of Women" where young women are getting an education and learning professions to earn them selves a living with dignity. Sponsoring little boys and girls. Improving the public health in the region by building a centre of first aid and a maternity hospital. These and other projects have already become a reality.


Apart from this, we also wish to be close to the Senegalese and make them participate in our activities. The closer we are to the inhabitants of the country, the better we understand their problems and, above all, how to solve them. For this reason, we are constantly present in Senegal so that we can follow the projects more easily and detect new necessities.


It is also very important for us that, this beautiful story continues to have the same personal, emotional content and involvement with which it started out. For this reason, we are not a big NGO, we neither wish to be one, we are not going to carry out big projects that are impossible to control. We are small, transparent, devoted and committed





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