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It is an effective way to help a group. Not only it involves the education of a child (schooling) or a child with everything that entails (tuition, books, uniforms, school supplies, canteen, etc.) but also it represents a substantial improvement in the family.
We are acting in the Mbackombel, a rural town, where its 60 inhabitants live in mud huts and straw, and when we started the project illiteracy was 90%
Currently we have 220 of the 665 sponsored children in our school and cannot differentiate between those who have sponsor and those who have not. Because of this, the funds received from both sponsors, partners, companies or associates, go to a common fund so that it can benefit the entire group. We build classrooms and teachers to prepare them to teach basic education. Paid health workers dealing with their health (medical checkups, vaccinations, treatments, etc.
Children are sponsored collectively as we can not apply a valid selection criteria as to who has more right to receive our help, but the godfather or godmother are guaranteed that your sponsored will have the necessary to study and improve their future.
The sponsors receive twice a year, a picture and a drawing of their sponsored child.


They need you TO SPONSOR ONE!



  • Children in school: 665
  • Sponsored children: 220
  • School places created: 1993




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