Saturday, 26 November 2016 12:53



We are very pleased to announce that this month we have been fortunate to receive two very important contributions that will benefit two important groups: Older people with cataract problem who need surgery and also our sponsored children that need glasses.

These two contributions that have come at the same time are:

1- The Fundación Barraquer has sent us two ophthalmologists, who selected 149 among more than 1000 consulted, to whom Dra. Elena Barraquer will operate during her visit in January.

2- The Fundación Cione (La ruta de la Luz), co-funded by the Fundación Repsol, than has sent us two optometrists, who have been in charge of checking the vision of more than 500 children from our school and who will later provide us 150 glasses that would be needed.

Our sponsors and their elders are very grateful for these "visits".

It is very important for our Charity that these organizations have trusted us.


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 09:49

Collaborations between institutions


Since last year, we have a collaborative relationship between our Charity and "Foment", who have provided us with Toshiba’s computer equipment.

This year "Foment del Treball" has strengthened its collaborative relationship for the projects that our Charity is carrying out in Senegal.


Both institutions have decided to extend the agreement over the next two years, and the alliance has been agreed and signed by the President of Por una Sonrisa en África, Mario Llonch; and the president of "Foment del Treball", Joaquim Gay Montellà.


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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 18:23

We are expanding


We have a new classroom in our school in  Mbackombel !!!

Thank you to the Association “Pescadores por Senegal”, led by Herminia Arellano, we have been able to build a new classroom. Therefore, the children that were temporarily studding in the library will now be relocated in this new classroom.

This classroom will be the third one sponsored by this Association.

 The amount of children enrolling is constantly increasing due to the work that we have been doing during the past years, educating the families, showing them how important the education is for their children's future.

For the next academic year, we will need a new classroom and .... more children to be sponsored!!!

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As a reward for our students of elementary school Mbackombel , we have established a prize for the top 5 of the secondary entrance exam, consisting of enrolling them in the best school in the city of Mbour and hosting them in our residence .


In the final assessment, our student, Fatou Ndour , has obtained the best score of the whole school of St. Esprit with an average of 9.8.


The other four “winner students have exceeded the average of 7.5.


Our school is considered by the Mbour Department of Education, as the one with best results in evaluating access to secondary.

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Friday, 29 January 2016 20:47

Our students thrive


Our sponsored boys and girls, that have studied in our school of Mbackombel, are already fending for themselves and with a promising future.


Michel Ndiaye, twenty years old, has obtained a State Scholarship, and has started Medical School in Ziguinchor.
Angele Diouf, twenty three years old, has graduated as a teacher and she currently teaches third grade of primary school in Mbackombel.
Diattou Ndour, twenty four years old, and our mason's daughter, teacher of a second grade pre-school class in our school.
Yacine Kadam, twenty four years and the niece of our old teacher, teaches the first grade preschool class.
Celine Diouf, twenty years old, is studying a secretarial course, speaks Spanish and fulfills the secretary role for our foundation.

These are some of the many and great results obtained by our foundation. Currently we have more than 700 students studying in different schools.

We continue building and providing the means for their educational development.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 19:33

¡More children, more classrooms!


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In 2002 we started building Mbackombel school and since then, the number of children enrolled has increased each year.

In the past year, we had 360 students and currently there are nearly 400 registered and a waiting list.

We had to enable the library as a classroom and most of the classes are overcrowded. To this we must add the fact that more parents is constantly coming to the school to try to enroll their children.

We need your solidarity to help to build more classrooms.


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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 10:39

Six classrooms and offices Soussane.


Little by little we are building, step by step, the secondary school in the community of Sandiara, Senegal.


They are currently operating six classrooms where 250 children are pursuing their studies.


Thanks to the Repsol Foundation, we have also been able to build what they call "administrative building”. Everything has been built according to standards established by the Ministry of Education.


With this realization, we encourage students in the area, largely avoiding school drop since the proximity favors them in their desire to continue their studies.


This is a project carried out in stages, depending on the means we have.

Tuesday, 08 September 2015 14:29

Our children’s vacation

In Europe, as the school year begins in September, our children (for many of you, your sponsored child) do not start until early October.


This is because you have the rainy season has not ended yet and therefore they cannot collect what they sow in late June.


During the holidays, they have spent working in the fields, helping their parents. Boys with farm work and livestock and girls helping their mothers, fetching water, doing the laundry and taking care of younger siblings.


Normally the kids life always takes place in the village and its surroundings. Many of them do not even know other towns.


This kind of life, does not make them unhappy, you can see them always happy, as if his "work" was entertainment.


If you want to sponsor a boy or a girl please enter our site: Sponsor a child on Senegal

Monday, 15 June 2015 08:29

Success in our school

In late October, we opened a kindergarten classroom in Balabougou, financed 75% by “Pescadores por Senegal”-Senegal Fishermen NGO (Herminia Arellano). 64 children signed up.
We build  these classrooms so that more children in the villages, next to our school (3 km approx) could start their studies when they have more than 5 years old and can walk the distance that separates them from the school.
We opened the registration for the next academic year (2015-2016) this month and we already have 77 new students registered. This requires us to build one more classroom and we will do it, even though that was not planned in this year’s Budget!
If you want to help us to finance the construction or to sponsor  one of our children, please visit the next link:

Thursday, 23 April 2015 18:26

Informe de lo realizado (4) VARIOS

En 2005, a solicitud de la Hermanas de la Inmaculada Concepción, decidimos construir un Centro de promoción para la Mujer, en un terreno que les habían cedido, situado en un barrio marginal de Mbour. Este centro es gestionado por las misioneras y se imparten cursos de alfabetización, costura, cocina, etc.

También en 2005, viendo las necesidades de la zona rural donde actuamos, construimos un Dispensario (Centro de Atención Primaria) en el poblado Louly Bentegné. Actualmente se realizando entre 4500 y 5000 consultas anuales y se vacunan a mas de 1300 niños y niñas.

En 2008 y a demanda de la población, construimos una Maternidad en el mismo terreno del dispensario. Conseguimos la financiación de la Fundación Ordesa para construirlo y nos la equipó la Asociación Mujer y Madre. En el último año se realizaron 256 partos. La gestión la realiza nuestra Fundación con el personal sanitario nativo contratado.

En 2008 Construimos un Centro-residencia en la ciudad de Mbour ya que los niños que estudiaban primaria en nuestra escuela de Mbackombel, para continuar sus estudios, se tenían que desplazar a la ciudad a 15 kilómetros y no disponías de un lugar para hospedarse. Actualmente 56 alumnos se alojan a pensión.

En 2010 la electrificación del Dispensario Maternidad Tres postes, cableado aéreo y un transformador, con la colaboración de Fundación Repsol.

Si quieres apadrinar a un niño o a una niña entra en

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