Wednesday, 23 November 2022 19:53

New technologies?


During the year that is about to end, our work has continued in the line that we "drew" in our beginnings (2002). Education and formation.


Over the years, we have been seeing the evolution of our town Mbackombel.


When we arrived, 94% of the residents were illiterate and could only understand you if you spoke Serer, their dialect.


Currently 75% know how to write, speak French and a few... a lot more things.


We wanted to get to this point. Currently we can be proud to have among our first students, nurses, midwives, university students (doctor, biologist, environmentalist, English philologist, management secretary and so on, many more).


But, thanks to a friend and volunteer, José Mª Catot, we have decided to go further... to introduce a group of selected students to the field of new technologies (ICT).


To reach this level, we have managed to get many highly qualified people to volunteer, coming to the "field" and organizing workshops on different specialties (programming, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc.).


We want to thank: those who have collaborated this year: Isabel Águeda Serrano, Ana Isabel Alegre López, Juan Manuel Pérez Villar, Tania Correas González, Clara Gregori Pla, Xavi Vergés, Jordi Bonet and Albert Balbi and welcome the who have already signed up for 2023 (Alicia Alonso, Toni Juanico, Charo Carrió Zubeldia, Jordi Sorribes i Burgués, Alicia Alonso, Alfonso Bosch, Alejandra Montesino, Clara Gifra, Aldo Rovira and Lucía Pursals).


We are making progress reach our students!




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Wednesday, 31 August 2022 15:36



In mid - 2008, during one of our regular visits in our health post, we met a woman with a son who is 8 years old waiting for a medical consultation.

Malick, is the name of the child, a dwarf (achondroplasia). When we asked her mother if she took him to school, she thought that we were laughed at her.

His family, threatened to be expulsed, because did not have the means and we proposed that she let us take him to Mbackombel (a village) so that he could study in our school and live with the village’s children. He always has good marks at school.

At a later date, when he finished (Malick) his primary studies, we decide to take him to our boarding school in Mbour. There, he also has good marks at the secondary school.

Lastly, he followed training in an academy as an electrician and panel solar technician after two years of study.

He was the best student of his class and now he is ready and want to financially help his family.

These little stories push us to continue the project we have started since 2002 in the educational et social domain.

We would like to thank her sponsor who has financed a professional training.


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Thursday, 30 June 2022 19:01



A course that has ended and…. with this, it's been 20 since we started this project, with the construction of the Mbackombel school.

470 primary school students and 160 kindergarten students say goodbye to the 2021-2022 academic year, with the usual awards ceremony, which is attended by parents and families.

The Mbackombel School remains at the forefront among rural schools (public and private) in the area for its level and facilities.

We have to point out that three of the teachers are former students of the school, which shows that our project is working.

Soon we will publish a list of students who are being trained or have been trained at the university and/or academies.

We are achieving these 20 years of continuity in our project thanks to the SPONSORS, PARTNERS, DONORS, PRIVATE ENTITIES and VOLUNTEERS, who year after year support us and believe in our project.


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Saturday, 20 November 2021 00:55

Course 2021-2022


One more year and our Mbackombel School, full as always. 10 primary classrooms (470 students) plus 6 nursery classrooms (160 students) full of children. Three former students, Djibril Diouf, Elisabeth Sarr and Pascaline Ndour, are already part of the teaching staff.

We remember that in our beginnings (2002-2003 academic year), we had 32 students!!! Asun, accompanied by the school principal, had to go house to house and town by town in order to convince them to let their children go to school.

We believe that parents are being trained to accept that the future is in education.

Currently, more than 50% are girls, something unthinkable years ago.

And the story goes on ... and on, thanks to the sponsors and collaborators. THANK YOU

Can you help us to grow?

Wednesday, 13 October 2021 18:30



Over the years, the results are coming and our students evolve.

We can list some of the results: Gane Kama, last year of medicine, Marie Diouf and Daba Diouf, last year of nursing, Daba Séne, hostelry, Angele Diouf, national teacher (already practicing), Djibril Diouf, degree in English (works as a teacher) Malick Diop, last year of electrician, Anta Diouf, Secretary of Direction… and thus we could go listing a more extensive list.

In addition, we have selected a group of students to whom we are guiding them towards new ICT technologies, through distance online courses (sometimes in person) by a group of volunteers (José Mª Catot, Clara Gregori, Berta Morera , Pedro Argany and a team from the UPC de Manresa led by Prof. Jordi Bonet), all of them highly qualified.

We are achieving all this thanks to the support of the sponsor, partners, collaborators, and entities that finance us, mainly the M. I. Baciana Foundation.


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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 23:40



We want to improve the access of our children to school, providing them with BICYCLES since this will allow more children to join school.

With this means of transport we will reduce the dropout rate and school absenteeism, which for some is increasing since, due that it is very hard for them to walk due to the distance that separates the school from their homes.

In this first phase, we are going to build a repair shop at the College of Louly and provide them with 60 bicycles.

Bicycles will be assigned to students who reside further away from the school, under a usufruct regime.

We ask you to support us in this challenge. We must get € 2,500 through the collaboration of people like you.

Enter https://  and make your donation.

If we succeed, it will be one of the winning projects from the # T2M matchfunding call, and an additional € 1,500 will be donated.

Thanks for your support!


Monday, 04 January 2021 17:50



A new year begins and we want to thank you for continuing with us, supporting the most important project that, in our view, is EDUCATION.

As many of you already know, this adventure began in 2002 when my wife and I, visiting a town in Senegal, decided to create what we are now, a small NGO whose main purpose was to eradicate illiteracy (90%) from the Mbackombel town and surroundings.

If at first the idea was to get as many children as possible does primary school, reality, to date, has far exceeded our expectations.

Today we already have several students finishing high school and others in professional training (nurses, electricians, hospitality, etc.), several are in university (medicine, human sciences, biology, English philology, etc.) and others are have their work (national teacher, teachers in our school, English teacher, tailor, hairdresser, etc.)

In our Residence in Mbour, there are 50 students who are studying different studies (secondary, high school and professional training in the city of Mbour), several of them also receive courses in new technologies taught by qualified volunteers, which they do, either in person or online.

All this was unthinkable when we started and today it is a reality, achieved thanks to YOU.

At the Mbackombel school, the “quarry” of this hopeful future, we have started the course with 410 students in primary school and 200 in preschool, this being the record of enrolled since our inception.

Thanking you for your support, on behalf of the Foundation, the children and their families, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Friday, 31 July 2020 14:03

Adaptation to the current situation.


The critical situation, due to the pandemic, although in different ways, affects all countries.

In Senegal and more specifically in the area that where we operates, the regulations set by the government are followed. Schools have been closed since March, but students who have to be examined to access the next cycle (secondary, high school or university access), have to be examined and to do this they have to go to class with the measures of wearing a mask and limited the number of students to 15 per classroom.

This will be done, depending on the levels, during the summer months, a time when, in rural areas, boys normally help their parents in planting and growing millet and peanuts.

Without the help of those who have to go to school, rural life and more specifically in our town Mbackombel, the rest of the family, young and old, work the fields, plow, sow and weed, to get the product that will help them to feed during the rest of the year.

It is very important that the rains arrive and goes on during the period of growth and development of the planting.

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One more year, we want to inform about the TREINTA200MIL matchfunding that we have joined at In order for 200 students to continue their secondary, baccalaureate, vocational training and / or university studies, and thus combat school dropout; At our Foundation we support their higher education through this education grant. Additionally, continuing education helps eradicate marriages of convenience, allowing more girls to have a better future.

How can you help

Our goal is to reach the sum of € 2,000 before June 30. Click on the link to collaborate and ensure that next year more boys and girls can continue studying. Thank you very much for your support. Greetings.

Contribute to our Education grant

Like any other country, Senegal has been forced to take exceptional measures to combat the expansion of COVID-19.

By ministerial order, we have closed our Mbackombel school, the Balabougou, Wirtheboky and Soussane Mbadane nursery classes, as well as the Mbour Residence.

But considering that this action was not enough, our new Co-Director and volunteer, Judit Serra, took the initiative to plan a direct action that could help the inhabitants of the small towns, where our students reside.

To this end, the last April 8th, we set up a caravan, consisting of a truck and two cars, headed by Judit Serra and Celine Diouf (director of the Residence), Gane Kama (former student of our school who is currently in 6th year of Medicine ), as well as a couple of students. They visited the towns, where in each one of them  Gane Kama made an awareness talk, and they also distributed rice sacks, masks, gloves, liquid soap , alcohol gel, etc.

It was a very hard day, intense but emotional at the same time. The day didn't help much as temperatures of up to 43º were registered in the shade.

Our thanks to all who have collaborated to carry out this action; as well as to those who regularly collaborate with our Foundation!


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