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Our constant presence in the area allows us to see which are the necessary projects that we have to develop conforming to the philosophy of the Foundation, and mainly seeing the necessities of the region.

Once a need has been identified, we are only to... look for resources to finance the projects.

Building six new classrooms for the Public school of Soussane

Following the six classrooms that are already being constructed, we need to get the financing of the construction of the six remaining ones.



Expansion of the public centre of secondary education in Louly Benteigné


As soon as the project of classrooms in Louly Benteigné is finished, we will seek funding for the necessary installations in the same area, so that the children have the necessary infrastructures to access secondary education (Lycée).
We are currently waiting for the approval of the project from the Ministry for Education.


Expansion of the Mbackombel school


Due to the increasing number of students we need to build more classrooms. We actually have 320 students in primary school (53 students per class aprox..)

Increasing the number of sponsored children

As much as possible, we are looking for a way to find more sponsors, so that more children can receive an education.




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