Ongoing projects


Projects that are in the phase execution and are being completed slowly according to the necessities and/or the obtained resources.


Building a Secondary school in Soussane


Facing the necessity of bringing a Secondary school closer to different rural primary schools, among them that of Mbackombel, after various negotiations with the highest authorities of the Ministry for Education of Senegal we achieved the authorisation to select the ideal location for the construction.
At the beginning of December 2014 the construction and equipment of the first six classrooms as well as the administration building. The project consists of constructing twelve classrooms in total and the administration building.
We are currently waiting for the sufficient resources to be able to complete the project.



Second infant class in Balabougou

Seeing that the demand exceeded our expectations, we decided to build a new classroom. This classroom was funded by Lourdes Palomar and it will be called “Aula Lula” which is the name of her daughter.



Building and equipping a classroom in the school Zone Sud of Mbour

We are constructing a classroom in this public Secondary school, since it needs more places in order to reduce overcrowding in the existing ones.



The Foundation has a series of “projects” that are, so to speak, ongoing all the time.

Accomplished projects throughout the twelve years of our presence in the area. We have been thoroughly monitoring all of them in order to supervise their proper functioning and future perspective.



  • Dispensary and maternity Louly Bentegné.
    Payment of 9 people salaries, buying medicines, maintenance of facilities and monitoring operation.
  • Mbackombel School (kindergarten and primary school).
    Payment of salaries of 16 people (10 teachers,  guardian and employees). School equipment. Meals for 360 children and 9 adults during the 9 months of the school year.Control and monitoring.
  • Kindergarten class at Soussane.
    Payment of one teacher salary. School supplies and meals for 45 children who attend class. Control and monitoring.
  • Kindergarten class Wirthdeboki
    Payment of one teacher salary. School supplies and meals for 25 children attending the class. Control and monitoring
  • Kindergarten class at Balabougou
    Payment of one teacher salary   School supplies and meals for 64 children who attend class.Control and monitoring.
  • Fadial kindergarten class.
    Payment of two teachers salary.School supplies for 60 children, maintenance and repairs.
  • Immaculate Conception School of Mbour.
    Sponsorship of 10 children.
  • Centre Hermanas del Buen Pastor Thies.
    Schooling of 5 children and maintenance of the center.
  • School of the Holy Spirit of Mbour (secondary).
    Schooling of 40  children who come from our school Mbackombel
  • Residence Internat-Mbour.
    Breakfast, lunch, meal and schooling of 50 children studying at secondary school.Maintenance of the center. Salary of the Director and staff
  • Seminar Ngasobille.
    Sponsorship 2 children.



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